Don’t leave Order Management to your ERP : Get the best OMS

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Don’t Leave Order Management to Your ERP

It has become clear in recent years that omni-channel retailers looking to deliver the slickest experience for customers need to invest in effective technology to get the competitive advantage they need. So when choosing a solution to support your ambitions it might be tempting to reach for a single system, like an ERP to cover all bases and solve every problem at a stroke. But relying solely on an ERP system for order management may not be the most effective strategy. A dedicated Order Management tool (OMS) targets help where retailers really need it, resulting in improved efficiency, cost savings, and a much better customer experience. Read on for more…

Understanding OMS and ERP

Before delving into the reasons behind choosing an OMS, it’s essential to distinguish between an Order Management System (OMS) and an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. An OMS is specifically designed for order lifecycle management, handling complex scenarios such as multiple sales channels, shipping options, and real-time inventory visibility. On the other hand, an ERP system is a broader tool that integrates various business functions like finance, accounting, human resources, and supply chain management.

The Role of OMS in Order Management

An Order Management System, like Modulus 365 will give you key support by focussing on the dynamic and customer-centric aspects of order management which an ERP is not equipped to tackle. Unlike ERP systems, OMS is designed to oversee complex order scenarios, including multiple sales channels, inventory locations, delivery options, and customer preferences. The benefits include improved order accuracy, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Integration with ERP Systems

Modulus 365 is designed to seamlessly integrate with ERP solutions such as NetSuite, Dynamics, SAP Business One or Sage 200. By ensuring that all the order data is fed back into the F&O part of your ERP, Modulus 365 saves time & costs in automating the account assignment during order feed. Whether you have a full-scale ERP in place or have a simpler accounting system like QuickBooks, Modulus 365 provides the flexibility to integrate and enhance your existing systems.

Key Advantages of Choosing Modulus 365

Quicker, Slicker, Cheaper Picking:

Specialised OMS systems enable faster and more cost-effective order picking, optimising the fulfilment process for businesses dealing with high volumes of orders and complex workflows.

Operational Cost Savings:

The operational cost savings achieved through streamlined order management with an OMS often exceed the investment in the system, making it a financially sound decision for retailers.

Enhanced Staff and Customer Experience:

OMS systems provide better control and visibility over order processes, leading to improved staff and customer experiences. Real-time availability, customer promise, order orchestration, and post-order processing are efficiently managed, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Modulus 365: 5 Key benefits for Your Retail Business

  1. Consistent and reliable product availability across all channels.
  2. Meet specific fulfilment promises based on real-time inventory data, customer location, shipping options, and business rules.
  3. Coordinate order fulfilment through optimal fulfilment point selection, communication with shippers and carriers, real-time order tracking, and customer updates.
  4. Integrate the different e-commerce channels and platforms involved in online sales, such as shopping carts, payment gateways, warehouses, shipping providers, and CRM tools.
  5. Manage customer orders throughout the order lifecycle, allowing customers to amend orders e.g. cancelling items, changing delivery addresses and dates, or initiating returns or exchanges.

Choosing an OMS over relying solely on your ERP system is a strategic move for omnichannel retailers. The specialised focus of Modulus 365 on order management processes ensures a seamless and customer-centric experience, leading to improved efficiency, cost savings, and overall business success. Modulus 365 is a comprehensive solution for order management and warehouse management that integrates with your existing ERP, giving you the best of both worlds if you choose to accept it!

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Author: Lucy Thorpe
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