High Growth

from 75 orders a day to an average of 6k orders a day supporting 25k orders a day on BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday) spike / peak. And supported many flash sales.  

from 3.5m to 16m in 12 months – expand into 14 countries and connect 7 multi-location warehouses 

Passionate High Growth D2C Business

The essence of high sales growth is being focused on the business essentials of products, customers, and cash.  Technology can be enormous distraction, and often an operational barrier.  That’s why we designed Modulus 365 to be continuously expandable with the needs and opportunities of your business.   

This client was a disruptor, selling an established product category in a completely new way. Transforming the presentation, the packaging, and the proposition to customers they truly were a disruptor, and delivered sales growth that is almost unbelievable.  

“We went for £3.5 million to £16 million annualised turnover in just 12 months, and Modulus 365 supported us all the way”, said the company founder.  “We chose Modulus as a sign-up and forget-it option never dreaming just good a decision we made.  Lesser systems would have strangled growth with operational complexity, long user-training leadtimes, and integration delays when we changed ERP.  None of that happened with Modulus!” 


CFO loved the performance data transparency 

“Managing stock in one, then two, then one huge DC, controlling supplies at vendors for direct despatch, in stores for our wholesale arm, and at (eventually) two continental locations in such a short timespan might have been a real nightmare… but it wasn’t.  From day one we had great data, clearly and immediately available as every hour of every day progressed.  Apart from inventory, I genuinely don’t think we could have stayed in control of the deposits, instalments, final payments, and refunds the way we did without Modulus 365.  It was the rock around which we built everything else.” 


COO loved the ease of overseas expansion 

From the start, our client offered overseas delivery.  Dealing with the necessary documentation for this product category was challenging, but working with their in-house team, this client quickly had a workable and permanent model that allowed them to ramp-up overseas marketing. “The integration with carriers that Modulus 365 offered for our complex product offer was superb.  We all put a lot of thinking into configuring the system to give us what every carrier and customs authority required, and it paid off.  From its inception, the system’s just worked, faultlessly, for over two years, and we’re still growing!” 


CCO loved the customer reaction 

“It’s amazing” said the Chief Customer Officer.  “Our product has an intrinsically low repeat rate, so we rely on customer acquisition for growth, and Modulus 365 has allowed us to give such great service, that referrals are our most profitable marketing channel.  The system keeps customers 100% informed about their order for our large special-delivery products, and keeps us 100% informed about customer orders, changes of mind about product details, payments, and everything else they and we need to know for an easy, happy, shopping experience.  Integration with ZenDesk was a breeze, and the few customisations we’ve needed to ask for, have all happened very quickly.” 

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