Make the Tills Ring Louder with Integrated Payments

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There’s nothing worse on a busy day in your store than customer queuing for ages because your payment system is slow.

So why not improve your customer service and increase your sales by introducing an integrated payments system? It saves time, reduces manual errors and lets your staff get on with serving customers rather than trying to work the till system.

How can an integrated payment system benefit my shop?

This is all about making transactions as smooth as possible. It’s an essential part of your customer’s experience – especially today, when customer expect to be able to pay quickly and securely so they can move on:

  • Connects your till software directly to the card reader so the amount due displays automatically – no need for your till staff to re-enter the total to the reader.
  • Reduces errors between the till total and the amount entered into the card machine
  • Reduces time spent reconciling till errors
  • Improves customer services – transactions run more smoothly and there’s no danger of the customer being overcharged
  • Increases return business – stores that have good queue management and simple payment options are likely to experience greater footfall and increased sales

This is all about making the sales process easier – for your customers and for you. An integrated payments system even allows you to take payment on mobile devices as well as from fixed tills, so at extra-busy times, you can send staff out to take payment in the store rather than making people wait at the till.

What’s more, you can integrate your sales information with your stock control – so every time a sale is made, your stock of that product is adjusted. And then when that stock is at a level you set, you can re-order – making sure that your customers can always buy the things they want to.

Track your money – from anywhere

Busy retailers are never on holiday. Wherever you are, you’re always keeping an eye on your business and how it’s doing. Integrated payments and inventory systems are managed in the cloud, which means you can see what your best-sellers are, what stock you need to move around, what needs re-ordering and what could be moved into a discount line, or promoted for online sale as well as in-store.

Essentially, you’re letting the software do all the mundane work for you, whilst you stay in control of the what, when and how much. Still not sure? Why not take a look at the way we have transformed business for mattress company Eve?

Benefit from real retail expertise

Modulus Retail has been built for retailers by retailers. We understand the pressures of retail, the juggling you have to do, the threat of competition and the knife edge you sometimes have to tread. We’ve built this software to make your life easier, make your business more efficient and make your customers more likely to buy.

It’s scalable, ready to use and we can install it without any disruption to your business at all. And, for a limited time, we’re offering new customers Modulus Retail for three months at just £1 per month! No obligations and no sneaky tie-ins – just a chance to see for yourself what a difference it makes.

Author: Lucy Thorpe
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