Modulus 365 is passionately put together to provide most efficient and fastest possible order fulfilment for your business.
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D2C High Growth

Fulfilment is one of the key pillars in the D2C model and it adds greatly to the customer experience. Be it, fulfilling an order from Distribution Center (DC), Or from stores (if any), business needs a configurable and customisable system that accurately reflects businesses stock position to the D2C channel and help your Operations team efficiently fulfil the orders. 

Accelerated fulfilment improves customer experience greatly! And it gives confidence to the operations team and ultimately to the business. 

Modulus 365’s Fulfilment Engine does just that. Our clients’ typical order flow ranges from 250 orders a day to 25,000+ orders a day. Read more..

D2C Subscription

Be it monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly recurring orders is the theme of subscription business. Whilst a fantastic marketing team is important for a successful Subscription model, an excellent Operations team is equally vital to complete a great Customer experience. 

Having the visibility of recurring orders ahead of time & information on which SKUs are going out in upcoming days helps plan the production, pick & shipping of Subscription orders resulting in effortless fulfilment and great subscription experience for your Customers.

Modulus 365 is all set to help you with that. Read more…

Personalized Orders

Be it Products, Packaging Or Contents (such as leaflets / welcome packs), personalising orders for your customers is one of the best ways to create an emotive relationship with your business. Modulus 365 is best placed to segment your orders by Customer profile and instruct personalisation commands to your floor operatives during Order fulfillment. 

With seamless integrations, Modulus 365 brings all the needed data from your CRM and/or Sales Channel to make order-personalisation effortless. 

To understand how your Personalisation strategy can fly, speak to us now or read more.

B2B Fulfillment

Once an order is received by your business and processed into your ERP (Or Business Systems), you need an efficient way to schedule, pick & ship that goods. Having the ability to seamlessly integrate with your client using Modulus365 means, orders are automatically created into your ERP and when approved and ready, will come through for Pick, Pack Despatch via Modulus365 and your ERP is updated with status to Invoice and Post into Finance systems. 

Seamless integrations into your Clients & your ERP means a very efficient & visible process all the way for your B2B Orders.

To know more on Modulus 365 achieves this for you, contact us now or read more.

Wholesale Orders

Playing a key role in the supply chain, Wholesale orders allows manufacturers / brands to take advantage of Economies of Scale to produce products in large batches which can lower production costs.

Equally, fulfilling wholesale orders efficiently, swiftly and on time builds trust in the supply chain all the way to retailers & end customers. 

Modulus 365 helps you pick & ship units in bulk whilst keeping track of your inventory. Using Licence Plate model (Or SSCC), you can keep track of your bulk stock and fulfil your wholesale orders in pallets. 

To know how, contact us now or read more.

Amazon Vendor Central

Selling wholesale to Amazon is of course a great way to shift your stock. However, working with Amazon via Vendor Central is not an easy feat and any mistake results in chargebacks. Acknowledging orders, picking the order, printing AMZNCC  labels to stick on packages, creating an ASN and then shipping stock. Such a lengthy, tedious & laborious process.

Modulus 365 has seamless integration into Amazon Vendor Central to pick up Orders, send order acknowledgements, an efficient picking process with automatic SSCC label printing & ASNs to Amazon.

Contact us now to know how we can make this entire process streamlined and automated for your business or read more.

Ship from Store

Being a Multichannel business, you need to use your stock effectively between your DC (Distribution Centre) and your stores. For your ecommerce & channels, you’d want to show all the available stock in the company. In Stores, you want your customers to experience the product you proudly bought.

Wanting to sell your stock at full margin means, exposing all the stock in the business to all available channels. When sold, you want to ship it from the store – efficiently & seamlessly.

Modulus 365 provides for all the integration, inventory summation, stock reservation, pick & ship at Stores for your multi-channel business. Contact us now to know how or read more.

Ship to Store

Retailers with more than one outlet need to make sure that all shops are fully stocked, have enough replacement stock on-site and are able to make sales even if the stock is not on the shelves. Modulus allows you to see exactly which products are where. That means you can make a sale from any site in the knowledge that your product is in stock, and then have it delivered either to the most convenient store for collection, or direct to your customer. This enhanced customer service is an important additional income stream, and Modulus 365 can help you make it happen in your store. Read more.

Multi-site Fulfillment

Where you sell in-store and online, it’s vital that your inventory is up-to-date. It’s particularly crucial at busy times of the year for your business. Making sure you have enough stock to cover your online sales – which might be through your website, through a marketplace like Amazon, or both – means you can make a sale rather than lose it to a competitor. And understanding that customers may browse online and then buy in-store – or vice versa – means you need to have your product range to hand wherever your customers are shopping. Modulus lets you have complete inventory visibility, supporting your sales teams and improving customer satisfaction. Contact us now or Read more.

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